Monday, February 2, 2015

Entrepreneur Revolution – Outsourcing Big for Boomers

For many of the Baby Boomer demographic, retirement has become a time of change and opportunity as opposed to golf clubs and RV’s.

Small business continues to be on the rise, with many of the stakeholders evolving from soon to be, semi, or already retired Baby Boomers.  They are looking to continue a balance of generating additional income, keeping their minds active, challenging themselves, and enjoying life.

Entrepreneurship is taking the place of the stability of the company pay cheque and benefits.  The Baby Boomers are taking their years of experience from traditional corporate backgrounds and transferring these skills into consulting and services based opportunities.

There may not be a six figure salary to lean on, however the financial rewards coincide with flexible work hours and the variety and diversification of project focussed work.

Outsourcing continues to be a trend among the SME and Enterprise sectors.  Some statistics have outlined that outsourcing will increase by 80% over the next 3-5 years.  This business phenomenon has complimented the timing of Baby Boomers who are interested in their quest to be intellectually challenged, continue to earn an income, and share their knowledge and skills with companies in need of their expertise.

We should all take note that the ‘Boomers aren’t ready to go away quietly”, and embrace the new entrepreneur that is evolving from the corporate sector.

Article By

Allan Welyk,
President & Managing Partner
Fusion Recruitment Group Ltd


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