Thursday, January 1, 2015

Social Media and How it is Impacting Executive Search.

The Executive Search and Recruitment  industry have seen some dramatic changes in the past 24 months, however keep in mind that all of those potential candidates being sourced on social media still need to be validated, qualified and interested in the opportunity being presented to them.  We have found that with many of our Regional, National and International clients, they are starting to scale back their internal recruiter programs as they are simply not effective.  As recruiters, we do need to embrace and evolve with Social Media.  Social Media aspects of sourcing have definitely assisted with the effeciency of sourcing potential candidates (as it is a quick and easy channel to identify employees from specific industry sectors or companies), however that doesn't necessarily mean the candidate is a good fit for the client or even if they are interested in the simply provides you with a name and a brief summary of their experience.    

This is just the beginning of the process and by no means have you found your placement!   The path of least resistance seems to be a direction many new firms or new recruiters take in the business.  "Job Board Recruiting"...those recruiters that seem to focus most of their efforts via Social Media, the Monster's of the world or sending out random LinkedIn messages to  the masses, are a dime a dozen and offer little to no value. It's really no different than years ago when we saw firms running an ad in the newspaper and seeing who would apply.  Job Boards are's passive recruiting.   They may end up with some initial clients, however  their candidates simply don't measure up to firms that actually direct source, speak with and meet their candidates in person (or via Skype), and have an actual office with meeting rooms vs working out of their home office or basement.

Direct Sourcing or "Head Hunting" (for those that have been around) makes up just over 90% of our placements.  Our firm manages leadership and non leadership roles in sales, marketing, operations, supply chain, and human resources....this works best for us.  Whether it's Job Board options, Social Media channels, our Network, or Direct's all a part of our process in order to source the "right fit"......there just seems to be a significant amount of watered down firms and individuals (internal or external recruiters) that focus and rely too much on passive recruiting techniques. 
In Canada, we still find that the strong majority of our clients have an expectation that we have met with our candidates.  They also expect that we understand and know significant aspects about their business, competitors, stakeholders, and their culture.  This level of service is an expectation and for those that are truly passionate about the business, it's an understanding. 

Allan Welyk, President
Fusion Recruitment Group


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