Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Is your HR team a hiring prevention department?

Having a “recruitment partner” is an essential piece to the overall success of your recruitment strategy for any organization.  Always remember that a professional recruiter works for the hiring company, not for the individual being sourced or applying to the position.

It is always a pleasure working with senior management groups who understand the importance of having access to the most qualified and successful candidates on the market.  When changes are being made within the company or if someone leaves unexpectedly, your recruitment partner should be one of the first contacts you reach out to.

If your policy is that the Human Resources department manages the tactical aspects of your recruitment strategy, ensure that they understand the value your recruitment partner brings to the table.  Your recruitment partner should be more than just funneling resumes; they should be an extension of your company which enables you the following:

  • Ensures access to top tiered professionals based on your profile
  • Understanding of your cultural dynamic
  • Understanding of your business
  • Validates the candidate through a thorough interview and qualification process
  • Provides you with information as it relates to market conditions or the candidate landscape
  • Compliments your corporate values, integrity, and ethics.

The challenge recruiter’s face is when your Human Resources department feels that they want to save money on paying a professional services fee and try recruit on their own.  This may show a short term cost savings, however it isn’t the answer to a long term recruitment strategy. 

Job boards, social networking sites, and employee referrals are not much different to running a newspaper ad (been a while since that happened…) and managing the resumes driven from those sources.  What your HR department is doing, is essentially enabling random access to the active job seeker who may or may not be qualified for the position or the company.   What they tend to find is the “best of the unemployed” vs targeting the top 20-30% of their preferred profile.  I’ll be the first to admit that you will may find a needle in a haystack, however this is the exception, not the rule.

Your recruitment partner enables you the access and validation you are looking for.  They take traditional, non-effective methods as well as proven direct sourcing methods and engage a process which will enable validation of a select group of qualified, top-tiered candidates for your team to consider.  Does your company want access to the best candidates, or does your company want to fulfill your recruitment strategy with limited access to the market?

Why would you not want to engage a partner who can assist you with sourcing, qualifying, and validating top-tiered candidates who could benefit your team?  The long term benefits of hiring the right candidate far exceeds the short term costs of utilizing a recruitment firm.  Job boards attract the best of the unemployed, social networking sites and employee referrals are random and potential candidates require validation.

Do you really feel that your human resources department and all of your hiring managers have the time and resources to thoroughly review, source, qualify, and validate these candidates?  Do they really understand the candidate landscape?  Are they understanding of the competitive compensation levels they are seeking?  Are they well versed with the intricasies of your business and market segment? Based on our experience, most companies would prefer their leadership groups to focus on what they are great at, and leave the sourcing and recruitment of candidates to a professional.

Allan Welyk, President & Managing Partner
Fusion Recruitment Group ;

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