Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Support Local – Exploring and Supporting Your Local Merchants and Business Community

When you choose to buy from a local business you are helping your community create jobs and enhance prosperity by circulating dollars between businesses and residents. 


The “homegrown” philosophy is not new, it’s just a little more present given our current economic state.  Looking at communities such as Squamish, BC Canada we noticed an initiative by their local business Chamber that resonated with us…and other communities have implemented similar “Buy Local” strategies.   Another equally positive initiative has been a holistic directive called “We Got This” to unite local Chambers from the North and South Okanagan to ensure business pull through and thrive.  Additional information can be found at


Uncertainty can bring about opportunity and being able to support local businesses is a step in the right direction in order to ensure and do your part to keep your friends and neighbours employed and in business.  Although none of us really enjoy paying taxes, this also provides tax-based revenue to your town/city which in turn supports a diverse range of community programs, activities, charities new jobs, and infrastructure projects.


The resilience of locally owned and community based businesses shows their strength, commitment, and capacity to stay the course and keep the doors open.


The retention of talent and keeping paid employees engaged with the business will continue to be challenging, however the “owner-operator” based platform always seems to find a way to grind it out in order to make it work.


We are not naïve to think that all business will endure the current economic challenges, however we can all do our part to assist and support every local business in your community.


Local businesses have the bandwidth to adapt and pivot, but tend to lack the resources to diversify and re-invent themselves.  The next time you feel the need to “drive to the city” for what you need…pause… and look at what your local community or town has to offer from online, traditional retail, or business to business platforms.

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