Friday, March 27, 2020

When Every Day Feels Like Saturday

When Every Day Feels Like Saturday

Spring Break is coming to an end…I think.  There are way too many people outside for a Tuesday and not practicing physical distancing…The heartfelt support for all first responders and healthcare workers at 7:00 pm feels like we should all be at a party…Parents are playing in their yards with their children at all hours of the day…You can hear the laughter and voices of kids of all ages morning-noon-and-night.  Is it me, or does every day feel like Saturday?

If you are one of the millions working from home, or unemployed, having your kids pulling at you to figure out what they can do today, and your significant other is staring at you - hoping you will leave the house for a few minutes so they can have some “alone time”…welcome to the club!

In order to try to maintain some form of normalcy during this dynamic and challenging time, try maintaining your regular routine.  Here are some examples for you to consider:

Set an alarm (challenging to do when you don’t need to commute to the office and you have the opportunity to sleep in, however this is important)

Drink your GoGo Juice (coffee is a must!)

Shower and get dressed (lounging in your PJ’s, Lulu’s, or less simply won’t enable you to be focused or motivated to perform at your best)

Set up a designated work space (working at the kitchen counter can be unproductive and distracting)

Set a schedule ( as best as you can given the circumstances)

If you feel the need (and it’s not recommended during working hours), block off a specific time to log onto your preferred news/media platform for news/market/health updates vs being distracted and checking throughout the day

Turn off your news alerts on your mobile devices

Speaking of distracting…put your remote away and stop looking in the fridge every time you walk by it

Step outside and get some fresh air (in your back yard, balcony, or deck)

If you are used to hitting the gym or your local community centre for exercise, get creative.  When you are on the phone….walk around your house.  If you have different levels of your home, hike the stairs.  There are endless YouTube videos on any form of exercise your body desires (even if it is Tae-Bo with Billy Blanks).

Stop making excuses…..Every Day is NOT Saturday!

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