Monday, August 17, 2015

Q3 Sees a Sharp Market Increase of Senior Level Professional Career Opportunities

The British Columbia career market, and Western Canada as a whole, has seen a welcomed “spike” in activity and all indicators are that it will continue.  Some of this activity is a direct result of confidence in the market and companies are starting to re-invest in attraction & retention programs in order to ensure they have access to top-tiered professionals relative to their scope of business. 

What’s Trending:

Expansion has been seen in most areas of technology, business to business, industrial automation, manufacturing, luxury retail, real estate/property management & construction, and the Non Profit sector. 
This includes a diverse selection of leadership and non-leadership careers within sales, marketing, operations, supply chain, technology, and human resource based disciplines.

It’s Competitive:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a market such as this where it’s pretty much a guarantee that every offer being presented is being met with a competing offer from another employer or a counter offer from an existing employer.     
  • Companies need to streamline their recruitment strategy and process.  Consider an “activity” a week in order to ensure that you hold the candidates’ interest level.
  • Tell a story.  Candidates don’t need to be ‘sold’ per se, but they do want to see how passionate you are about the company and why your company should be their preferred choice.
  •  Thoroughly understand the key motivators of the candidates’ interest and intention to consider your company.
  •  Identify whether your selection group of candidates have other opportunities in play and where they are in process relative to yours.
  •  Utilize your search firms expertise and knowledge of the market, and candidate,  in order to ensure a positive outcome and acceptance of your offer.

It’s a myth and misconception that top-level leaders and business professionals are always looking over their shoulder for the next opportunity.  Most of these individuals are definitely open to having a discussion, however in order for them to seriously consider making a move; it needs to trigger their motivators.  What motivates one individual, isn’t necessarily the same motivator for another.    Mitigating factors are:  cultural fit, brand of the company, future growth & development opportunities, remuneration, travel, and the unknown as it pertains to their family/personal situation.

Moving Forward:

Up until a couple of months ago, 2015 has been anything but stable in the West.  The current markets are much more stable and strong, and all indications are that this trend will continue.  We are seeing clients describe their projections for 2016 as cautiously optimistic and that the outlook for continued growth appears to be positive.

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